KEYS Metaverse: Unveiling Hidden Treasures and Unique Land Plots in 2024

KEYS Metaverse: Unveiling Hidden Treasures and Unique Land Plots in 2024

On December 20, 2023, The completion of the KEYS Metaverse residential plot map marks a significant milestone. Hexagon-shaped plots, divided into three tiers, boast distinctive sizes, precious metals, gemstones, and tailored user activities.

The revelation of newly developed land plots that come with concealed valuable items or surprises, indicating an element of mystery or excitement.

āœØ Level 1: Silver
šŸŒŸ Level 2: Gold
šŸ’Ž Level 3: Diamond and Platinum

The different levels of the land plots, each associated with a specific precious metal, such as Silver, Gold, Diamond, or Platinum, adding a hierarchical and valuable aspect to the offerings. Embark on a journey within your @MetaMansionsNFT plot to unearth precious metals and rare gemstones, revealing a unique spectacle for your Meta Mansion. Diversity in size not only enhances user engagement but also offers monetization avenues corresponding to your Meta Mansions' level.


Plot Map Monetization Strategies:

  • Advertising spaces and opportunities for branded events.
  • Premium features, such as exclusive access to certain areas, enhanced customization options, or advanced analytics for businesses.
  • Rental revenue by supporting property owners to rent or lease their spaces for events or business operations.

All powered by KEYS Token.


Two features being considered in KEYS Metaverse Plot Map:

  • Social spaces for user interactions; event spaces and biome-specific activities - powered by KEYS Token.
  • Gamification including challenges, quests, and games that incentivize exploration and interaction within the metaverse - powered by KEYS Token.

Transportation in the metaverse is important.

Rivers, mountain ranges, and other natural features serve as boundaries between biomes. This will help in organizing the space and creating natural separations. There are also sections where biomes 'blend' with our focus on Meta Mansions, the residential zone, we've been learning a lot of information that will guide us towards improving the commercial zone. Sneak peek into the thought process going into the KEYS Metaverse Plot Map development.

  • 8,888 meta mansions in residential zone
  • 80,000 commercial zones

Key factor: designing for logical and efficient layouts that facilitate easy navigation and categorization.

Your feedback is valuable and crucial for making improvements to help us make your experience more user-friendly and engaging. Stay tuned in the upcoming hours and days as we begin sharing development progress and news. 2024, we're ready for you - Team KEYS Metaverse

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