KEYS Metaverse is leading the way in today's metaverse landscape

KEYS, a pioneering real estate-centric metaverse project, has announced significant progress in its development journey. The team is nearing completion of the metaverse's assets with a clear roadmap guiding their efforts, including successful completion of the $KEYS Token and Meta Mansions NFT, KEYS is now focused on finalizing Meta Mansion placements and launching its marketplace dashboard with in the next 30 days.

The project's innovation and potential to revolutionize industries have attracted optimism and excitement, especially with the return of the bull market in 2024. With global accessibility and a commitment to bridging the gap between real estate and the digital world, KEYS is poised to unlock limitless possibilities.

Let’s review what they’ve already accomplished in the last 2 years:

  • KEYS Token Launch as the utility token of the KEYS Metaverse with 1 billion total supply (6500+ holders worldwide) providing holders with unique access and benefits based on loyalKEY Tiers.
  • KEYCard V1 NFT Collection as the exclusive 118 Member Alpha Group and most active network in our ecosystem.
  • Meta Mansions NFT Collection consisting of 8,888 virtual mansions with 24 bases and 8 biomes, all of which have been completed on Unreal Engine 5 with top of the line gameplay quality.
  • KEYS Metaverse ALPHA as the world’s first ever playable NFT experience built on Unreal Engine 5 in partnership with world renown artists, architects, and game developers.
  • Completion of the residential plot map consisting of 8,888 plots of land broken into 8 biomes and 3 levels, marking the unique attributes of Meta Mansion levels and environments.

This simple breakdown underscores the breadth of what they've set out to achieve, and It's worth mentioning that they have made substantial progress, with approximately 60% of the project completed in terms of ecosystem's infrastructure.

This will enable to refine the user experience and accessibility through the plot map portal. Once this stage is completed, they will be ready to launch marketplace dashboard. This includes user login with wallet connect, allowing for the verification of KEYS and Meta Mansion holdings, which are linked to rewards and access within the platform. The marketplace includes monetization tools that will highlight the value of being a KEYS token & Meta Mansion holder, combining the two in ways never done before.

The return of the bull market in 2024 brings with it a wave of optimism and excitement. It signifies not only a revival of interest in the cryptocurrency space but also highlights the growing recognition of the potential that platforms like ours have to revolutionize industries, especially given the fact we have proven to survive market turmoils. Our real estate-centric metaverse, powered by KEYS Token, stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering a unique blend of virtual and real-world value, with global accessibility at the front of our mission.

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